Without them, I look weak, Without them, I won't sustain another week. My strength, power and stature, My body gives me my confidence and nature. Fitness is a discipline, not a goal; Work and regularly work-out, Forget cheat days and fouls. Become fit and hit, and not lethargic or rout. Children must give time to their physique; Train minds later, and muscles first. Keep diseases at bay: never be weak. Fit in health: you'll always be first.


P eculiar moments hidden in history, A nother billions remain secure in memory. S ome to be lost, some to be remembered T remendous more unaccounted and never uncovered.

My India

1857 - or the dawn of India free, Made the whites bow down to their knee. Proclaimed wealth of skill and talent alike, Fuel to progress of development's hike. Soldiers marching through this sacred land; Flourishing vastness of culture, indeed grand. The melodious chirpings of this golden bird, Resonates the glory of countless martyrs unheard. Kites and colours adorn the sky; Lamps spread brightness far and high. Come, dear Indians, let's surf the waves of diverse, royal heritage. Unite together to break limitation's cage, Unite together and pace towards the coming age. Jai Hind!

My mother

She was elegant to her last word; I overlooked the comments that I heard. It was my magnificent mother, Meeting everyone one after another. The jewel of the crown, A person of great renown: She's the queen, Royal and supreme!


Laziness at his command, Is he, who he, wants to be? Faith and hardwork in demand. Explore the world and feel all free!


Prepare to explore And be overwhelmed again. Soon learn so much more; That the upcoming will explain.

Trade ( in Europe before renaissance )

Tiring and tedious work to do: Roaming around all places new, Adventure every day to enjoy. Dreaming to go back home again, Ere sundown, else suffer pain!